Bradford functions as an outsourced department head, contributing [#long-term] top-level expertise to support the web-based channel of the business for organizations that don’t have a dedicated internal resource.

  • Lead Developer
    Manages communication between business users and IT resources through the process of strategic planning and execution of development plan with proven ability to meet stakeholders expectations of application capabilities, time to market and budget.
  • Product Management
    Provides application support demonstrating very thorough knowledge of the system to identify realistic solutions developing new features and functionality for achieving business goals with cross-departmental resources.
  • Operations Management
    Manages all e-commerce operations; host servers, software upgrades and provide full content management and administrative support.
(?)* Bradford’s resume is actually a google doc which is being displayed on the website through a real-time feed from google drive (editing the doc on google drive automatically updates the website…)

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